Screen Dependency Disorder Can Damage Your Child’s Brain, Psychologist Warns

Parents, take note! In case you’re the sort who tends to hand over a tablet or cell phone everytime your tyke is bored or throws a tantrum, you should listen to what the specialists have to say in regards to it.

As per a new research, prolonged utilization of mobile phones and tablets can really prompt Screen Dependency Disorder (SDD) which brings “a horde of side effects, including a insomnia, spinal pain, weight gain or loss, visual issues, migraines, and poor nutrition as physical symptoms,” according to SmartParenting.

Beside the physical, SDD likewise has emotional manifestations, for example, anxiety, dishonesty, feelings of blame, and loneliness.

Screen Dependency Disorder is viewed as another challenge for tyke neurology.

Dr. Aric Sigman, psychologist and creator of the research paper, said that the condition is fundamentally the same as with Internet Addiction Disorder.

As indicated by Sigman’s research, screen addicts “exhibit dependent, problematic conduct, including withdrawal manifestations, increasing tolerance (for screen use), failure to reduce or stop screen activities, lying about the extent of utilization, loss of outside interests, and continuation of screen use in spite of adverse consequences,” the site continues.

Even though the research about the disorder is still ongoing, past examinations call attention to that the ones who experience the ill effects of SDD have “microstructural and volumetric differences in, or abnormalities of, both grey and white matter” in their brains,” said Dr. Sigman.

Or simply said, SDD can prompt to brain damage.

The first sign when device use is affecting your child, is when they change their behavior.

As Claudette Avelino-Tandoc, a Family Life and Child Development specialist and Early Childhood Education specialist, pointed out:

This prompts the following question: How much screen time is enough for children?

As indicated by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), kids ages 2 to 5 ought to have at most 1 hour screen time/day. Children younger than that age should not be allowed to use mobile phones at all.

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