Dad’s Hilarious Showdown With Icy Driveway Has Wife Cracking Up

Between the low temperatures, snow, and ice, overcoming the winter months can be very troublesome. Luckily, laughter can warm us up from inside, out!

But let’s face it, a good laugh at a friend or family member’s expense can be the best (and fastest) approach to get toasty. A U.K. mother felt exactly like that when she asked her husband to take the trash out on a very cold morning. She had no clue the easiest request would make her laugh to tears!

Her husband Alun Miles can be seen trying to move his waste can from one area of his driveway to the curb… there’s only one little issue. The road is covered with a thin layer of ice.

As his wife and children laugh with joy, poor Alun just can’t get a break. He makes a couple of steps and after that slides right back to where he began! And the worse part is when the garbage truck can be seen driving directly past. Better luck next week?

But Alun doesn’t give up that easy. trying several different techniques, his wife felt a bit sorry for him and offered him some advice. It’s unclear, if she simply wants to stop her husband’s agony or to prolong the comedy a bit more: “Place it before you!”

See below Alung’s hilarious struggle to make it up on his icy driveway with the trash can.

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