Mom lets horses out to play in snow, but their synchronised comeback has everyone in stitches

For those of us who don’t encounter snow all the time, it can be an exciting time. Going sledging, having snowball battles and in case we’re lucky we may even get a day away from work or from school. Be that as it may, for others, who are used to it, it can be a total pain, which is precisely the case for these two horses.

Their owner chooses to give them a chance to go out of their stable for a little run in the extremely snowy conditions. After only two or three steps and after evaluating the situation, they cleverly conclude that they are not fans of snow and make a U turn to the stables.

As most stallions love playing in the snow, their owner had no clue that they would respond in such an unexpected manner. Anyway, we are glad she captured this hilarious moment on her camera. Take a look:

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