Rescue Dog Saves A Hummingbird And Decides To Keep It

Abandoned and left on the streets as a puppy, this blended German shepherd was pretty mean — until he was saved, showed some affection, and after that he, himself, saved a dying baby hummingbird.

A year ago, while out for a stroll with his new proprietor Ed Gernon in California, Rex recognized a hummingbird on the ground, full of ants. Gernon says he believed that the winged animal was dead when he first saw it, however the pooch declined to leave.

That is the point at which they met Hummer, in weakness yet at the same time sticking to life. Rex’s anxiety for the flying creature persuaded Gernon to help her.

Over the next weeks under Gernon’s consistent care, little Hummer recaptured her power and was soon flying – however observing the amazing trust she has in Rex, means she recalls the part he played in saving her life.

Truth be told, Gernon says that Hummer “built up a huge affection for Rex” – following him closely everywhere he goes.

Watch this lovely story beneath:

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