She Left A Glass Of Water With Vinegar And Salt In The Room Now I And All My Friends Do The Same!

Our home is a consecrated place where you can feel really safe and peaceful. But then, at times it happens that even negative energy is gathered there.

In the event that you started feeling drained, miserable and depleted, you ought to clean the place of negative energy. Here’s one of the best approaches.

You will require:

1 glass;

White vinegar;

Granular salt;

Pure water


Blend every one of the fixings in the glass and place it in where you invest the greater part of your energy for 24 hours. Make such glasses for each place you need to clean.

Following 24 hours, see whether the salt has rise on the surface of the water. Assuming this is the case, wash the glass and do the methodology once more. Do it until the salt stops to rise. At the point when this happens, you can stop, since this will end up being an indication that your home is cleaned.

How can it function?

Salt makes negative ions all around, and they, in their turn, make positive vibrations. This technique is awesome, since you won’t have to do anything, however it gives a great outcome!

Extra tips:

Use meditation and aromatherapy. You can put a plate with fruits in the kitchen and fresh flowers in your rooms.

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