They Covered A House Wall With Strange Hollows. But When Rain Stopped…

Fruit garden, vegetable garden, front garden aren’t only an excellent nursery to please eyes, they are also a chance to connect with nature when living in the city. Considering today’s urbanization pace and level, having plants close by makes unadulterated extravagance. Not everybody can deal with gardening, and many don’t have enough cash and conditions for horticulture. Researchers have been considering this problem and in the long run found an answer. Presently anybody can get their own garden no matter how many square meters they have available…

Project creators went over the thought when creating dwelling layout. Everybody comprehended that plants brought happiness, however they needed space. New piece was fairly ergonomic, without balconies or window ledges.

That is when Pocket Panel project took life. It looks like toilet bowls hanging on the walls, however boards truly wake up after blossoms begin flourishing.

They are made of strengthened fiberglass and mounted specifically on the divider. The structure of these sort of vases has gaps for drainage.

Grass, blossoms, crawl bushes — they can have any plants.

Even more, these boards are ideal decorators of exteriors.

Right now, the project is effectively created. It appears to be, numerous inhabitants of huge urban communities would discover this idea rather valuable!

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