How to pick the perfect watermelon: 5 key tips from an experienced farmer

Nothing is as reviving as the sweet, succulent taste of a watermelon on a mid year day. Be that as it may, a watermelon must be on a par with the one you look over the business sector. You may feel that picking an awesome watermelon is up to risk, however there are really a few approaches to detect the ideal watermelon.


1. Field Spot

At the point when seeing watermelons, the primary thing that sticks out are those unusual white spots. Be that as it may, these spots (called field spots)are very characteristic. The field spot is the range where the watermelon laid on the ground. While each watermelon has a field recognize, the best watermelons have rich yellow or even orange-yellow spots. Go for the gold.


2. Webbing

The webbing of a watermelon demonstrates the measure of times that honey bees touched the blossom. The more fertilization, the sweeter the watermelon is.


3. Boy or Girl?

You may have not known this, but rather watermelons have sexes. The “kid” watermelons, are taller and more prolonged, while the “young lady” watermelons are more round and strong. The kid watermelons are more watery, while the young lady watermelons are sweeter.


4. Size

Our sound judgment lets us know that greater is better. So we may surmise that we ought to get our cash’s worth and get the greatest watermelon we can pull onto our trucks, however actually, the best watermelons are normal estimated. Try not to go for too little or too enormous, however simply right. Size matters.


5. Tail

The tail of a watermelon shows its readiness. A green tail shows that it was picked too early and won’t taste as great. Go for the watermelons that have dried tails for the best taste.


You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a watermelon by its shell.

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