Villagers protecting their cattle discover record setting giant crocodile [Video]

The Internet is full of images that just seem too unbelievable to be true. You’ve probably seen all kinds of videos that were supposedly of Sasquatch, aliens, or any other mythological creature you can think of. Pictures of beasty animals with unbelievable proportions also fit well into this category.
But most of those pictures have been photoshoped and have no connection to reality whatsoever. With all those pictures and videos online, it’s hard to tell which ones are actually true and which ones are fake, especially considering how many tools of manipulating an image exist nowadays.
In the video below, a man analyzes a picture that went viral a while back. You have probably already seen it. The image shows what looks to be the biggest crocodile in the world. The crocodile is surrounded by people and looks as if it was taken somewhere in Africa.
One of his followers wanted to know if the image was real or fake. If that’s something that interests you as well, then you should definitely watch the video below. This man actually makes some pretty good points and has some strong arguments to back them up.

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