Before he hanged himself, a 13-year-old wrote this letter. His parents only want that his story be told.

Just a couple of weeks from turning 14, Daniel Joseph Fitzpatrick accomplished something harsh that would everlastingly modify the lives of everyone around him. He murdered himself.

It was his sister, 17-year-old Kristen, who discovered him. He was hanging by his own belt. Maureen and Daniel Sr.,his parents, were actually overpowered with distress and hopelessness. Even so, they needed to share this story. Turns out, youthful Daniel was continually tormented, and this was clearly the main way he felt he could get away from the pain.

The numerous pages of his suicide note would to be sure answer questions in regards to his provocation. Here’s a piece of the note shared by his folks:
“… Anthony took everything out on me. He tormented me alongside John, Marco, Jose, and Jack they did it continually until I went into a battle with Anthony everybody halted aside from John he was irate… I wound up battling John and got a broke pinkie.” Also known as Danny, talked about how he was teased because of his weight, grades, and so on. “I surrendered. The educators either didn’t do ANYTHING.”
Here’s Daniel’s father on why he needed to get this note out there:

“My child’s story is currently out there for the world to see and for the world to know the torment that he experienced. No kid ought to need to experience what my child experienced.”

His dad proceeds on how inadequately the school took care of the circumstance:

“All I got was and all HE got was, ‘He’ll be fine. It is safe to say that he is in guiding? You need to invest more energy, Danny. These things will pass.'”

Furthermore, for the folks of the harassing boys? The father doesn’t forget them either:
“You get the chance to hold your youngsters consistently for whatever is left of your lives and their normal lives. I don’t get that any longer. Your little beasts took that from me, my wife and his sisters. Danny was a kind, delicate little soul. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body… I simply need to hear him say, ‘great morning, father’ once again and that way I could let him know ‘hello’ and ‘I adore you,’ which I did each day.”

Ideally the distributed of Daniel’s letter will convey thoughtfulness regarding this difficult issue of harassing and how it can have desperate results when children feel they have no other way out. They feel the best way to get away from the torment is taking their own particular lives.

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