Can plants be EXPLOSIVE?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nature is awesome! Nature has it all: it’s mysterious, beautiful, dangerous at times, and downright fascinating. There are millions of plants out there, but some of them are more interesting than others.
Unless you’re a botanist or a florist, chances are you don’t know much about plants and all the different types of plants that exist all over the world. But this is one plant you’ll want to know more about!
Did you know that some plants dispense their seeds in a way that makes them look as if they are actually exploding? I kid you not. In this video provided by the Smithsonian Channel, you’ll get to see a live demonstration in high quality.
As it turns out, violet flower seeds are crammed into a special pod. When the pod dries out, something remarkable happens to the seeds, as you’re just about to see.
This is just one more reason to love and appreciate nature. Nothing us humans can imagine and create doesn’t even come close to how majestic nature is. So we should really start paying it more respect, don’t you think?

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