Doctors issue warning about one of America’s most popular foods. If you eat it, stop ASAP

An experiment performed by a specialist in Massachusetts has individuals wondering whether they will ever eat instant noodles again.

Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital utilized a camera the dimension of a pill to discover what happens while the body digests pre-cooked noodles. The subsequent video demonstrated that most of the noodles were still intact after two hours, as indicated by USA Today.

As long as the noodles stay in the stomach, so do every one of the noodles’ additives, including dangerous additives like tertiary-butyl hydroquinone.

TBHQ stops oxidation of fats and oils and is a typical ingredient in processed food. McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Wheat Thins and Teddy Grahams all contain TBHQ.

The Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives announced that 1 gram of TBHQ can cause various unfriendly impacts, including sickness, vomiting, ringing in the ears, dizziness and a feeling of suffocation.

On the long run, TBHQ can cause biochemical changes and influence liver and reproductive functions.

A recent report in medicinal periodical The Journal of Nutrition reasoned that ladies in South Korea who ate more instant noodles will probably experience the ill effects of metabolic disorder, the side effects of which incorporate weight, hypertension, high glucose and low levels of HDL cholesterol, which is viewed as the “good” cholesterol.

“Even though instant noodle is a helpful and flavorful nourishment, there could be an expanded hazard for metabolic disorder given the food’s high sodium, undesirable soaked fat and glycemic loads,” said Harvard doctor Hyun Shin, as per

Individuals with metabolic disorder are more exposed of creating diabetes and heart illness.

Instant noodles additionally contain large amounts of monosodium glutamate, an excitotoxin that can make harm or kill nerve cells by over-stimulating them. Harmed nerve cells are a factor in the improvement of debilitating neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s malady, Parkinson’s illness and ALS.

Lisa Young, a nutritionist and educator at New York University, disclosed to she trusts individuals remember these things whenever they go to purchase a bundle of instant noodles.

“Instant noodles are high in fat, high in salt, high in calories and they’re processed – every one of those components could add to a portion of the medical issues the study addressed,” Young said. “That doesn’t imply that each and every individual will react in a similar way, however the part to remember is that it’s not a healthy product, and it is a processed sustenance.”

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