This gymnast breaks all the physics laws. I’ve never seen anything like this before!

In 2013 at the world championship on men’s gymnastic acrobatic a youthful British sportsman, Kristof Willerton, showed such aptitudes and power, as like he isn’t affected by the gravity in the same way we are. When watching his execution I had a thought that he was practically levitating over the floor track. In any case, the most stunning piece of his program was expecting the spectators toward the finish of his execution, when the acrobat done a twofold somersault that was for all intents and purposes a standing jump! I could have never envisioned that the human’s body can perform anything of the kind. His jumps and rolls in the air fast and perfect; he performed them one by one without postpones so easily! The physical power and quickness uncovered by this person are just amazing!

Kristof is a 20-year old student at organic chemistry in Oxford. He was the primary British who won the gold award at the world championship on gymnastic tumbling.

There’s no big surprise that this sportsman picked up the lead in the contest. His ability is amazing.

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