Meet Fox Dog, A Pomeranian-Husky Mix Who Is Taking the Internet by storm

You may think that this wonderful animal is a fox, well think again. Nor is it a fire-sort Pokémon or the fox from the Mozilla Firefox symbol. It’s a Pomsky. Called Mya. What’s more, it may very well be the cutest canine we’ve seen till now.

In case you’re thinking about what a Pomsky is, it’s a hybrid of a Pomeranian and a Husky, and keeping in mind that it won’t have the capacity to pull a snowsled, Mya can surely pull in the crowds. A photo of her as of late showed up on Reddit and users right away began to fell in love with her splendid blue eyes and her Vixen-like appearance. And who can blame them? Take a glance at her. She’s purely flawless!

Mya lives with her owner Dave Lasio in South Florida, however just when she’s not going around the different states of America. You can follow her on Instagram.

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