Turn your baby’s clothes into keepsake ‘memory bears’

This must be the best thing to do with an onesie after your child has outgrown it. Artists and crafty mothers are transforming those old child garments into teddy bears and parents are adoring them.

These “memory bears” are souvenirs that can be appreciated by parents and children for a long time to come. There are different animal you can attempt, as well!

Look at some of these cases from Etsy where craftsmen transform those small outfits into valuable, adorable bears that your children can snuggle with.

This bear by ImaginationAcresLLC is covered with bunnies. We adore how the craftsman even maintained those charming bunny feet.

This handmade bear by CrazyLeggies is produced using a cupcake-themed onesie! So delightful.

What about this bear, covered with turtles. The blue strip is an impeccable touch!

Remember that we said you can transform baby garments into different animals too? Look at this stuffed elephant made using a sailing themed onesie. No one will believe that he was previously an onesie!

Normally, you are responsible of sending the article of clothing you need the designer to use, yet you don’t really need to pay another person to make you a memory bear.

If you have the sewing abilities, here’s a shape and directions you can purchase on Etsy for just $3.99.

Sherry Sopoci, who made the example and has a long time of experience making memory bears, offers some tips, “The primary concern, regardless of what texture you’re using, is to add fusible interfacing to stabilize the texture.”

Sopoci says interfacing will keep the onesie texture from bunching. She additionally shared the accompanying advice:

For beginners: When you’re usign the shape to cut pieces, make sure to cut two inverse pieces (one for every 50% of the bear).

Rather than adding the interfacing to separate onesie pieces, have a go at covering and pressing the whole onesie at one time before cutting (a tremendous help).

And rather than onesies, you can simply utilize different bits of other clothes, a hospital blanket or even a two-piece set of pajamas.

You can likewise transform these outfits into a pillow.

Parents frequently create a memory bear from the outfit their little dear baby was wearing when he or she exited the hospital. We trust that none of this creations end up buried in the attic!

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