Somebody just wants his tummy tickled! Diver catches close encounter with friendly seal on underwater camera

A 2014 video of a diver giving a belly rub to a grateful seal is viral once again thanks to a writeup this end of the week in The Dodo.

The video shows diver Gary Grayson meeting an Atlantic gray seal in Great Britain’s Scilly Isles.

The seal swam up to Gary and touched its nose to his.

But when Gary Grayson was drawn nearer by an curious seal while diving in the Scilly Isles he wasn’t afraid or stressed over being assaulted because he was similarly as curious about the little mammal as the mammal was about him.

Before you know it the seal accomplished something absolutely amazing: he flipped over and grabbed divers hand and gradually pulled it to its stomach and asked Gary to rub his belly!

“It truly reveals how sweet, inquisitive and puppy-like are seals,” Ally McMillan, CEO of Seal Rescue Island, told the Huffington Post.

On his excursions, he has swam with crocodiles, dolphins and sharks.

However, he says that this short video is the gift he prizes the most.

He stated: “I’m typically the one with the camera yet when I saw everybody had taken a shine to this seal I said “you film, I need a go”.

“I have been diving with seals earlier and made them buzz around you before yet I’ve never had one that remained so near for so long and to be so friendly.”

“It was astonishing and something I’ll always remember – I have the video on my telephone now and watch it constantly.”

“Truth be told, I’ve most likely exhausted every one of my friends going on about it.’

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