What is “Normal”? This physician’s brilliant answer will make you stop and think.

What is “normal”?

In the video beneath, prestigious physician and best-selling author Gabor Maté answers this question by sharing his knowledge and wisdom on this imperative yet gigantically complex issue.

Specifically, Dr. Maté is bringing up that the idea of “normal” is in reality only a myth or a fake mental develop, while uncovering how mental distress and pathology are for the most part an outcome of our current materialistic, consumption-driven, soul-sucking society.

Doctor Dr. Gabor Maté started his interview by speaking about the ‘myth of normal’ that split us into the normal and the abnormal with pathological traits. Dr. Maté specifies that he doesn’t see a division, however a continuum where mental distress, of some degree, is present in every one of us. He clarifies how mental distress and pathology are generally a consequence of a materialist culture that “idealizes individualism and ignores our emotional needs”.

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