Simon Beck’s astonishing landscape and snow art!

Who believed that snow is good only in winter sports has not seen these pictures in which a man turn white stretches of snow into true masterpieces.
In December 2004, at the end of a day of skiing, Simon Beck, a British engineer, has drawn a star on a frozen lake and discovered a new passion for him: the art on snow.
By the end of February, he achieved a huge snowflake on Peyto Lake in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, stepping of 1476 times on the snow surface, which took him six hours. For an extra touch of subtlety, the outline was illuminated with LED.
“ProjectSnow” is a timelapse which highlights the complexity of his work on the snow. Among his works you can highlight: a wolf that howls and a maple leaf made in Louise Ski Resort, Sunshine Village, Alberta, Canada.

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