Low-Income Kids Choose Between a Christmas Gift For Their Parents or Themselves. Their Choice is Amazing!

For everyone, whether it is an adult or a child, Christmas means the celebration of the supreme emotion. It’s that time of year when we want to be better and to help our fellow human beings. For some children in Metro Atlanta that came from disadvantaged families, this Christmas was going to be very special thanks to some wonderful people who have thought about their happiness.

Over 83% of children living in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, have a very precarious financial situation, unable to allow their families even to purchase a Christmas Tree which they can decorate it as they would like. Considering that lately too many people focus on the idea of receiving in return to offer UP TV, decided to put this kids to choose between a Christmas gift for their parents or for themselves.
Once in front of the cameras, the children were asked what they would like to receive for Christmas. Soon the answers started to flow: a laptop, a huge Barbie Doll House, a box for a game trophies, XBox and many other objects on which these little kids can only dream of. But that’s not all …
The next question was referring to what they believe, their mothers would like to receive as a gift. They knew immediately what their mothers would enjoy and have chosen different objects such as jewelry, espresso coffee, dresses and more. The emotion they felt in the moment they got their dream presents has been overwhelming.

This joy was quickly dispelled, because they had then to make the most difficult choice-either opted for their gift either for their mothers gift. Their choice is amazing! They all decided to stay with the gift for those that had given them a home in which to live and which have always cared for them.

Sincerity and maturity of these children are ebullient. Due to the heavy situation they have, they have understood that the most important is family. Some toys can not compensate for motherly love and the joy that one feels when a parent is rewarded for all his concern. If these children chose something for them, then their mothers would lose an unexpected gift.

If these children can waive what they want most for Christmas, surely we can do the same!

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