See heartwarming moment sign language Santa makes deaf girl’s dream Christmas come true

This is the heartwarming moment a little deaf little girl sat on Santa’s knee and started conversing with him with sign gesture.

It appears that Santa can talk any dialect, after this little girl who visited him at his cavern at the Cleveland Shopping Center in Middlesbrough could reveal to him what she needed for Christmas using sign language.

In the video, the girl’s mom is heard telling to St Nick that her little girl “Can’t talk very well.”

But then something special happened. Father Christmas asked whether the girl can sign. And after hearing from the girl’s mother that she talks a little bit, Father Christmas at that point taps the young lady to get her attention and using sign language asks her what she would like for Christmas.

The little girl, who at first wanted to get down from Santa’s knee, ends up noticeably charmed in their discussion.

She uses sign language to tell him that she would like a scooter.

Even though this touching moment happened two years ago, it stills capture people hearts. So beautiful!

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