Rescue Dog Found Starving Changes Color When He Finally Feels Safe

When Sidewalk Specials initially encountered Eddie, he reacted defensively by biting at them. The poor dog was in a pitiful state, being “completely emaciated” and suffering from malnutrition, kidney problems, mange, and tick bite fever. Additionally, his mobility was impaired due to having only three legs.

The South African dog rescue organization noted his extreme weakness and the fear and emptiness in his eyes. However, under the nurturing care of Janice, his foster mom, a transformation began to take place. After two weeks, Eddie’s tail started wagging, and his eyes began to show signs of softness. Over the course of three months, his fur changed color, and he started learning to play. His favorite source of comfort became his ball, and he reveled in trips to the park. Eddie enjoyed three precious months with his foster family, although a permanent home sadly never materialized.

Sidewalk Specials shared the heartbreaking news, stating, “We had hoped that this heartwarming video from The Dodo would help Eddie find his forever home… Unfortunately, in the last month, Eddie experienced organ failure and had to be put to sleep in the loving embrace of his foster mom.”

It is clear that Eddie’s final three months, spent with his foster family, were the most wonderful and cherished moments of his life. The Sidewalk Specials organization commended Eddie’s foster family for giving him the opportunity to experience happiness and extended prayers for their grieving hearts.

Sidewalk Specials and Eddie’s foster caregivers possess extensive experience in caring for emaciated dogs. However, as many dog rescuers know, even after successful refeeding, some dogs may suffer severe organ damage and have compromised immune systems due to prolonged starvation, hindering their full recovery. Although Eddie has passed away, it is a blessing that he was showered with such care and love during his final months.

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