Post-It War Between Two Office Buildings Ends With Epic Finale

Considering how far we’ve come technologically, you would think the era of post-it notes is long gone. But surprisingly, post-it notes are still being used today, especially in the corporative environment. In fact, many people say they would be lost without them.
However, post-it notes can be used for more than just helping us remember things. People working at two important office buildings in Manhattan, New York, proved that creativity is your only limit when it comes to using post-it notes. The two buildings engaged in a post-it ‘battle to prove their supremacy. How it all began?
Well, it all started with a simple “HI” on the 6th floor at 75 Varick Street in New York City. It seemed innocent enough. The building from across the street at 200 Hudson soon replied with “Sup”. From then on, things started to escalate pretty fast. More people started to get involved and more messages and drawings started appearing on both buildings. Nobody was backing down.
The windows started filling up with funny cartoons, intricate drawings and all kinds of messages. It seemed like the battle would never come to an end. Post-it manufacturer 3M got involved and provided an unlimited supply of post-it notes. But let’s get to the part that really interests you. Who won?
Well, both buildings fought a good fight, but Havas Worldwide was who finally brought the war to an end with an epic mic drop made entirely out of post-it. I don’t want to end this on a sad note, but the real reason why this post-it war is actually over is because building managers ordered all participants to take all the post-it notes down. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
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