Orangutan gives birth on camera for the 1st time ever

As any mother can confirm, giving birth is one of the toughest and absolutely beautiful things on the planet. One minute you’re life is centered around yourself, the following, you would do anything to keep your new baby happy!

That feeling is precisely what this female orangutan experienced amid her delivery! Gratefully, conservationists from the Durrell Wildlife Conservative Trust set up a hidden camera and could catch her beautiful birth on film…

Despite the fact that the majority of us consider orangutans senseless monkeys, that couldn’t possibly be more wrong. Actually, orangutans share around 97 percent of the same DNA with people.

They likewise can be instructed to do “human” activities like reading, writing, speaking with sign language and spoken words, and also keeping themselves clean! The similitudes between people and orangutans make it easy to understand why their birthing procedure is much the same as our own.

These caring creatures protect their babies from the minute the newborn child arrives. They fall in love with their infants while they’re developing in utero.

Female orangutans only conceive an offspring each 7-9 years, however their gestational period is just around nine months. It’s another case of the fact that they are so similar to people.

When their child arrives, they wipe off the liquid and ensure they’re breathing correctly. They watch out for the umbilical cord and nestle them, as well.

This nitty gritty birthing process is the thing that the Durrell Wildlife volunteers could get on camera for the first run through! The minute Mama finished conceiving an offspring, she licked her new child clean and went straight to the people to show them her new baby.

Anybody can perceive how proud she is of her infant! There is truly pure love no matter you are a human or a creature and this video is the evidence of that.

The sweet infant orangutan hooks on to her mother in a second, wrapping her arms around her neck and looking up at her face. The child will keep on holding firmly to mother as they move around.

Watch this memorable minute on the video below. It’s so wonderful and delightful to watch!

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