Mom Confronts Husky About Missing Tennis Shoe, Records His Laugh-Out-Loud Response

When your belongings disappear in your family unit, there are just such a big number of family members that you can suspect to “steal” your things. At the point when mother woke up one morning, she found one of her exercise shoes had vanished

It was the case of the stolen tennis shoe, and it was looking like Azlan may be the guilty one. Her husky pup was the only one around, so mother quickly pointed the finger at him for the robbery.

Gratefully she got his comical response on camera when he tried to set up his doggy dukes and pretend he’s not guilty. Azlan was acting simply like a child who got caught with his hand (or paw) in the cookie jar.

The pooch knew he was the culprit, yet despite everything he tried to argue with his human about the missing sneaker. The delightful furball even interrupted her with an irate cry when she stated, “Azlan, I know you stole my shoe. Go and bring it back.”

Azlan at that point looked down at the other shoe as though to state he’s never at any point seen that pair of shoes in his life. Normally, his owner didn’t believe any of it.

It sounds like Azlan’s mother has experienced this routine with her tricky pup every day. The dog at last left the space to bring back her shoe, obviously he did it with a big attitude!

His body language says everything! Indeed, even his eyes betray his emotions, poor pup – and poor shoe! Mother isn’t giving him a chance to escape with anything however.

Lol, this pet proprietor beyond any doubt has her hands full! Azlan is unquestionably a sneaky little doggy, but at the same time he’s such a cutie.

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