Man Notices Funny Looking Staircase. Watch The Amazing Thing That Happens When Others Do Too

More and more people are opting for the easy way even when it comes to walk or climb stairs. So in order to make people choose the stairs as an approach to sneak more movement and exercise into their day, Volkswagen chose a unique way to encourage people to actually take the stairs.

The pan they came with was pretty clever. The organization calls it the “fun theory” where they test people’s smart and innovative answers for dilemmas, for example, encouraging more individuals to wear safety belts and prompting more individuals to scale the stairs.

The organization chose the general population transportation system in Odenplan, Stockholm, which is the place where crowds of people walk throughout the day. They have two choices: take the escalator or take the stairs.

So during the night, a group of people started to “construct” the new stairs. They set down electronic panels on the solid steps that resembles the white keys on a piano. They likewise included the dark keys, literally creating piano stairs.

At the point when people started flooding the stairwell the following morning, their reactions were priceless! They could either take the escalator, which most of them did this before, or they could experiment with the piano stairs.

The decision was entirely theirs. Seeing individuals’ distinctive responses to the piano stairs in the video beneath is so delightful, especially when you see people of all ages opting for the staircase piano.

This project was indeed successful. How successful do you wonder? See below the video of the “fun theory” and enjoy:

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