Man stops feeding his cat and gives him balls… now watch the food bowl when the cat finds it

This owner wanted his feline to be healthy and he was tired of feeding his pet feline, so he had a brilliant idea and he invented something truly helpful in that way… You’ll see that the engineer is extremely smart, yet so is his feline!

This man put balls around the house and showed his feline to get them and place them into an uncommon machine as tokens. At the point when the feline brings the balls back and put them in the machine, more food turns out. It’s an entertainment mission for the cat, and also keeps the feline healthy!

I’ve seen lots of cat inventions, yet this one is likely the coolest and craziest ones I’ve at any point seen. This feline gets the opportunity to chase each day, but for a ball rather than mice!

I would have never imagined this, see below the funny video:

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