Maid Thinks She’s Cleaning House For ‘Important Person’s’ Party – Then They Move Her Stuff In

Cara Simmons, 36, is a single mom of three and has multiple jobs to help her family. She had no clue that one job was going to totally change her life.

Simmons is a caring mother who might do absolutely anything to help her youngsters. Buckling down as a maid, she not even once took an excursion or a free day. She felt the heaviness of the world on her shoulders but then kept on driving forward.

Tragically, Simmons worked herself so hard that she wound up being hospitalized multiple times with stomach ulcers because of stress. Despite all of this, she not even once quit working when she could to deal with her three children.

Simmons’ manager, Maid Bright, knew the amount she had experienced and needed to accomplish something special. They chose to send her to the place of somebody “very important.”

A lady named Madeline Blue welcomed Simmons at the front door of the lovely home and Simmons started to work right away. After all the cleaning was done, Blue told Simmons that she had a lot more for her to do around the house. Because there would have been a big party that night.

Simmons meets the private chef in the kitchen who is setting up the dinner for the event. After a short discussion about her loved food (spaghetti), Simmons is led to the lounge area where she sits down.

The maid believes she’s simply going to be a “taste analyzer” for the night’s feast but, in fact, she’s going to be served a gourmet lobster and truffle supper.

And the dinner wasn’t the only surprise for her. Right after she finished her meal in house arrived men with massage and reflexology tables for the “party”, who wormed up by giving her a massage. But that was not all, her employer, children and sister had one more surprise for her.

When a delivery man shows up with boxes containing Simmons’ belongings, she tried to explain that she didn’t own the house. What she didn’t know — was that she actually did.

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