Women In Red Dress Form A Line. When They Turn Around The Audience Gasps In Disbelief

Everybody loves magic! Whether it’s pulling a rabbit from a cap, transporting something over the stage without touching it, or doing a card trick – magic is fun for such a large number of reasons!

That is the reason this color changing dress trick is so great! One moment, the ladies are wearing bright red dresses, the following second, they’re all in yellow!

The audience is amazed and has no clue how this is going on. Be that as it may, even with this captivating trick, their magic isn’t over…

While this tricky color changing dress is leaving the Internet stunned, it’s a long way from the first run through something like this has been done! Actually, the first magic trick book was Gantziony’s work called “Regular and Unnatural Magic” written in 1489.

The ladies line up in coordinating red dresses in front of the crowd and begin their act. Not long after the performance starts, the ladies gather in the middle of the stage and mysteriously change the color of their dresses!

The audience is left in stun and the camera catches a large number of their jaws’ dropped! This magic trick is amazing!

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