Large Fish With What Look Like “Tattoos” Found in the Philippines

Fishermen in an area in the Philippines caught a huge fish that seems it has tattoos on its skin. Photographs demonstrate the fish with rather mind boggling markings on its skin, and it has pulled in the consideration of people all around the world, online and offline.

The fish was caught by fishermen in the region of Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental in the Philippines, as per a post by GMA News, a region news network. Three photographs were shared by the news station.

A huge fish that appears as though it has tattoos on its skin was caught in a territory in the Philippines.

In one close-up picture, the fish seems to have point by point markings on its skin. There are shapes and what look like letters, however the source of these are unknown. In the photographs, the markings look metallic blue in shading.

A close look at the fish, uncovers some detailed markings on its skin.

Another picture demonstrates the “inked” fish close to another fish that has all the earmarks of being of a similar size and sort, yet with no markings on its skin. A piece of the “inked” fish’s meat close to the tail is missing, while the other fish appears as though it is being gutted and cleaned by a man.

Many imagine the markings were brought on by some junk in the ocean.

Numerous online users who saw the photograph theorize that the markings or “tattoos” are because of some waste, maybe plastic or texture, with prints on it that got stuck to the fish’s body. One remark read:

“This was most likely brought on by some kind of waste/texture that had been stuck on the fish’s skin and after some time engraved this outline onto it. Only an idea.” says Steve Clark.

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