Black Woman Can’t Stop Laughing When White Supremacist Finds Out He’s Part African

After Dave Chappelle’s sketch with the African American white supremacist known as Clayton Bigsby turned out there’s been many people who just can’t imagine this type of scenario can happen in real life. Without a doubt you’d have the capacity to tell the shade of your skin, isn’t that so? Nobody would be so dumb to be a supremacist battling against their own particular race, correct? Well the guy from the beneath video thought the color of his skin is just enough to make him a white supremacist, but he was so wrong!

Meet Craig Cobb, an old white person with a hateful attitude towards ethnic minorities and an entire slew of others all since they ran superior to anything he does. Call it envy, call it downright malice, yet the person is really a supremacist totally, particularly against African Americans. The main issue with that was that when he went up for a guest appearance on the Trisha Show his DNA was tested before… then they learned that he himself is part African! LOL!

See the hilarious story beneath:

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