How To Make Golf Ball Ladybugs

Here’s a great idea to make your garden more colorful in the spring.
If you have some free time and you are a creative person, you can make some awesome decors for your garden, even with recycled materials such as golf balls.
This easy tutorial will drive you through all steps in order to create your own golf ball lady bug. All you need is some golf balls, acrylic paint (red and black), primer spray paint, a brush and varnish.
Use the sandpaper to clean the gloss from the golf balls allowing you to paint on it much easier. Apply the red paint on the ball. After the ball drys, start drawing the eyes, wings and the little spots of the ladybug with the black acrylic paint. After the paint dry apply a varnish layer and let this dry too.
Your final product.. awesome golf ball ladybugs which will definitely brighten up your garden!


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