Man Spends £100k Carving a Cave Into His Dream House. Amazing!

Angelo Mastropetro, 38-year-old, from Worcestershire, made his dream house in an 700-years-old cave.
Angelo was diagnosed with MS back in 2007 and decided that, before it is too late as to be able to enjoy life, to fulfill his dream. To build his dream home in an ancient cavern in the mountains. And for that he spent £60k to buy a cave in Worcestershire County, United Kingdom.
The cave restoration began in January 2015 and cost him £100k, and Angelo worked alone at renovation. The 662 square meters home was completed in September last year. The owner says he has excavated around 70-80 tons of gravel with his own hands, which helped him to get an outside terrace of 100 square meters.
Cave House features modern amenities such as floor heating, a fully equipped kitchen, LED lamps and wi-fi. All the water needed is brought through an 18-metre deep pit which Angelo digged it himself.
Although he currently doesn’t lives in the cave, it can be rented through online platform Airbnb, at a pretty high price: £200 per night.

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