Hiker Discovers an Abandoned Town Inside Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Some of the time it’s anything but difficult to underestimate how much land there is in America. Indeed, it’s increasingly hard to discover places that haven’t been investigated, but at the same time it’s gotten to be easier to overlook places that we’ve visited. Sort of like the whole god forsaken’ town amidst Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

That is precisely what Jordan Liles found when he investigated the park a year ago, and fortunate for us, he conveyed along his camera to record the whole experience. It makes for an incredible watch.



About a mile up an anonymous rock street inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the back path into a relinquished neighborhood, some of which was initially built over 100 years prior. In the video beneath, Tennessee Wonderland, he investigated the houses and the remaining parts of what was once alluded to as the Wonderland Club.


Look at his video beneath and begin arranging your own tour to the forsaken town of Elkmont. It may very well rouse you to go investigating and see what may have been overlooked in your own local area, similar to the staggering Cisco, Utah Ghost Town, the deserted town of Chloride in Arizona, or California’s long-dead Bodie.

Strangely enough, prior this year on 2015 America Adventure Rally, the Roadtrippers group staggered onto an entire other arrangement of surrendered structures only a couple of miles from Tennessee Wonderland. What we’d really found was the Elkmont Historic District, a forsaken town that is only outside of the still-dynamic Elkmont Campground. It’s the ideal place to set up a portable shelter and go for a midnight adventure.






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