Guy Leaves Fake Animal Facts All Over Los Angeles Zoo

All zoos have some sort of animal facts sheets that are meant to educate visitors about the animals and their specific characteristics. But if you’re anything like most people, you’ve probably never read many of them. That’s because these fact sheets are usually pretty boring. The solution would be to make them more entertaining, and the best way to do that is through humor.
That is what a California-based comedic genius must have thought when he planted fake (yet hilarious) animal facts all over a Los Angeles Zoo. The man planted the sheets in obvious places where he knew people would look, and the result is going viral. Don’t expect these animals to be like those you’re used to seeing at zoos across the country. You won’t find out where the animals are originated, what they typically like to eat, or how the climate is like where these animals come from.
The approach is slightly different. And by slightly different I mean entirely unlike.
The animal facts ‘educated’ visitor about various subjects related to animals, such as how owls are related to the TV series “Friends,” why penguins wear tuxedos, or why you should never trust a bear.
Now, this comedian is no stranger to pranking the public, but you have to admit zoos would be much interesting places if these kinds of facts would be more popular. If you ask me, it’s a great way to keep the visitor amused and also get people to be more curious about certain species.
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