This Farmer Asked People Not To Park On His Property. They Ignored Him, So He Did THIS

This man, named Pavao Bedekovic is a common agriculturist from Croatia who has a small plot of land and wants to plant corn on it. Be that as it may, sadly, his property is situated right next to a shopping center. Along these lines, each Sunday guests and sellers stop their autos on his property even if Pavao told them that that is his land. One Sunday many individuals, of course, kept on overlooking the farmer’s notice yet that time Pavao chosen to show them a decent lesson. He just begun to set up his property to plant corn.

The furious man came through with his tractor and started to furrow the ground between two lines of stopped vehicles. More than 50 autos were stuck on his property, and a few drivers even called the police. In any case, the officers said they could do nothing since it was private property, so Pavao could do whatever he needed with his own particular land.

Now this is a perfect revenge! What do you think? Does he acted right or it was too much?

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