Dog Runs Out In Snow And Immediately Falls Down. Family Can’t Stop Laughing At His New “Trick”

Rafi the Black Lab is is the first who runs out when it come to snow! Nobody in his family can keep up with his fervor and they all get a kick out of his silly conduct!

When he’s released and permitted to run and jump in the white powder, he goes to the highest point of the slope. Rafi’s family watches with huge grins on their faces as he dies something that is too hilarious.

One of his silly acts is making everybody laugh on the internet. When you see with your own eyes, you’ll see why…

Anybody who owns a puppy realizes that winter climate typically implies loads of goofy things in the snow and excited tail swaying.

When Rafi reaches the highest point of the slope, he plops down on his belly and slides down on the fluffy snow! This was all that he wished for and his family is so amused watching him!

The funnier thing is that Rafi doesn’t stop there. This pup goes sledding on his tummy again and again. He simply adore the snow!

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