2 y/o With Down Syndrome Can Barely Talk, But When His Sister Starts To Sing A Miracle Occurs

Kids with a learning disability have an disadvantage with regards to learning new aptitudes and the basics of life, for example, walking and talking. It can be a long, hard test for the family, however it is worth it, despite all the trouble when you make an achievement.

Amanda Gray is a mother to five youngsters, the most youthful of which is Bo. Bo is 2 years old and has down syndrome.

At 2 years old, little children are for the most part anticipated that would have the capacity to say roughly 50 words, however Bo has just 12 words in his vocabulary. At the point when your tyke experiences issues learning, it is essential to experiment with various techniques to see which the tyke reacts best to. And it looks like for Bo the motivation is music.

Each word that Bo has learnt was thanks to the beauty of music and singing, and also thanks to his older sister, Lydia.

In a post that Amanda uploaded on Facebook, she captured Lydia playing her guitar and singing with her little brother Bo in the lobby and it is an amazing sight to watch. As Lydia plays and sings Johnny Cash’s melody ‘You are my sunshine’, she stops toward the finish of the sentences to allow Bo to complete off the lines and the outcomes are just beautiful.

Infant Bo tries energetically to make the sounds of the words to the famous melody, as he dance along to his sister’s guitar. It’s clear that the music run through their veins considering their father is a musician.

Watch the video for yourself to see the touching scene – my heart melted after watching this!

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