Cheap Cosplay Guy Makes DIY Costumes From Household Items And They’re Hilariously Brilliant

What do you do when you can’t afford certain things? You DIY, of course. It has become a worldwide phenomenon.
In know I do this all the time. In fact, it all started when I was little. Back then, I wanted all the Barbie dolls in the world. Obviously, I couldn’t afford them. So I started looking for cheaper alternatives. The only thing I could think off was to crop some of the dolls in a Barbie magazine, glue them to cardboard and play as if they were real dolls. Hey, it did the trick.
Why am I filling your head with memories from my childhood (which I can ensure wasn’t as sad as I probably made it seem). Well, because in a way, it’s a lot similar to what this guy is trying to do. Only he’s a lot more creative when it comes to creating something awesome out of nothing.
Anucha “Cha” Saengchart has become an Internet sensation basically overnight after sharing his version of DIY cosplaying. As you probably know, cosplayers spend a lot of time and money turning themselves into their favorite characters, but this guy proves it can all be done on a budget. Well, kind of.
The man uses clever photography tricks and uses perspective to his advantage to get as close as he can to recreating some of the most famous characters ever. The best part is that he recreates all of the looks using just common household items like toothpaste, fruits, and even straws. He takes inspiration from pretty much anything he finds around the house, and the results are definitely creative.
This is one resourceful and creative guy; that’s for sure! I wonder if he could turn the bags of chips I have in my pantry into Barbie dolls. Neah, who am I kidding, I like chips way more than I like Barbies now.













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