This man is Cristiano Ronaldo! Know his story before you throw stones!

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most famous footballer on the planet and the greatest athlete that generate advertising revenue. No movement of the portuguese star did not go unnoticed by cameras . Cristiano Ronaldo does not have any tattoos on the body. Despite the fact that many athletes display their tattoos , he prefer not to tattoo for one reason. Cristiano donates blood frequently and if he had tattoos should make a break from this habit, because blood could be contaminated.
Many people thinks Cristiano is selfish. Maybe he has arrogant attitude , but is very involved in charitable causes . It ambassador to several charities and has donated over time millions for humanitarian causes . On September 6, 2005 , Cristiano was in training camp with the national team of Portugal when he received the news that Jose Dinis Aveiro , his father , died . ” My father was always happy , loved football. I’m a little sad because he couldn’t see everything that I succeeded, it would have been something very important in his life. But I’m sure watching over me from heaven . Thanks Dad, you will always be in my heart, ” the striker wrote on his Facebook page.
In 2004 , Ronaldo was 19 years and 150 days when he played against Grecce, in the EURO Final. Cristiano Ronaldo made a gesture that will remain for long in the sports world an example : Real Madrid player donated almost 7 millions for earthquake victims in Nepal. The footballer received the Golden Boot trophy and donated the trophy in 2011. The trophy arrived at Real Madrid Foundation , which was sold at auction for impressive 1.5 million. Foundation club soccer so far helped build 167 schools in 66 countries . This is not the first time Ronaldo has made a charitable gesture . He donated the same foundations several pairs of boots that had played , sending all the money in Gaza , which was used on building schools .

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