This boy is actually 7 months old. Here is the reason why he is so small

At first look, this child appears as though he was born to early, yet he’s actually 7 months old. Matthew has a rare type of dwarfism.

When he was conceived, he weighted less then a kilo, and his weight is presently a bit more than a kilo. This kid is so small that the greater part of his garments were really made for toys. The specialists induced labor to perform the delivery when his mom was just 28 weeks pregnant. At that point, Matthew remained for 98 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. Right after his birth, he was diagnosed with brain damage. The doctors thought he would not survive… But after two months of study, they discovered that he was conceived with dwarfism. He will have the capacity to do everything, except he will remain very little.

His folks and his two big brothers are determined to do all that they can to give him a normal life. With respect to his size — there’s nothing awful about being different from any other individual.

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