New guardrail developed by Korean company could save countless lives

A guard rail was created having one single goal — to keep people from falling off the side of the street while driving. In the first place licensed in 1933 by Samuel R. Garner, we’ve seen them work and we’ve likewise observed them turn out to be significantly more unsafe, had an alternate variation of a similar crash played out. It’s hence why there are as yet those willing to improve the first patent with new ideas and new materials.

Created and made by ETI, these rails are still in the test stages, however they’re demonstrating more helpful than not even this early. On account of their directional, flowing design, even a tractor trailer can’t drive through them like you’d thought it would. At first look they look like even a Gremlin would have the power to break the rail, but this rails are pretty tough.

Utilizing two sets of aluminum piping with vertical, plastic rollers arranged between them, these are less about stopping a vehicle and more about taking them securely back to the street. Using the vehicles own momentum they change drastically the situation from a severe impact and point more to “guide” until the point when the driver can recapture control or come to a complete stop. This implies no heavy impacts and less possibility of your airbags exploding in your face.

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