Bitcoin.Com Co-Founder Just Sold All His Bitcoins

Bitcoin stays to be the best digital currency today. Even though there are doubts that people have on the coin, it managed to grow its value from the first use of it through years, and a single unit of it today is now unaffordable to the majority of people. But right when the currency reached its apogee, the founder sold all of his units, making all the other investors look with scare to the future of the currency.

Some cryptocurrency specialists, and also long-term financial specialists, have effectively given stern warning about the eventual fate of Bitcoin. Beginners in the digital currency mining and exchanging, however, are still very eager to invest most of their reserve funds on Bitcoin when there are several other potential coins beginning to develop.

People are gradually getting discouraged to proceed with their speculations on Bitcoin.

Truth be told, Emil Oldenburg, who helped to establish and is the chief technology officer of, is calling the coin “as good as useless.” He trusts that bitcoin is presently the “most risky investment you can make,” therefor he send all of his coins. Oldenburg also revealed why he lost his confidence on Bitcoin, saying:

He said had ‘quit developing new services for the old bitcoin network’ and now basically concentrates mostly on bitcoin cash, which was launched in August.

The official said that the “high transaction fees and delays in transactions being approved” are his main explanations behind pulling out all his bitcoin units.

Even though the cryptocurrency reached 1000% growth where it began at roughly $1000 value in January a year ago and finished at an incredible $18,000 by December.

The co-founder likewise said that the digital currency is already as good as useless.

Different specialists as of now pulled back their Bitcoin investments. This includes an anonymous financial specialist who apparently made a fortune on Bitcoin and who recently gave most of his money to worthy charities. Like the cases of others, this expert trusts that Bitcoin is currently in an unsafe position and that its future may not be on a par with its state today. He beforehand said in a meeting:

The expert and founder of the Pineapple Fund trusts any person who’s investing on Bitcoin for a long term will soon lose a lot of money. Other cryptocurrency financial specialists are currently changing to different coins like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Electroneum, and NXT among others, which all have lower values yet show fast development.

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