Bermuda Triangle: Ship Reappears 90 Years After Going Missing

The SS Cotopaxi was a tramp steamer who disappear in December 1925. The Cuban Coast Guard has now reported that they have discovered an unmanned ship, and they think it is the lost SS Cotopaxi. The ship had been connected with the extensive legend of the Bermuda Triangle!

It was on May sixteenth when Cuban Coast Guard recognized the ship surprisingly. It was west of Havana, close to a confined military zone. They had a go at speaking with the ship, however without any result. They at long last went to intercept it.

They then found the ship to be just about 100-years of age, and it was recognized as the Bermuda Triangle connected ship, the Cotopaxi.

Clearly the ship has been deserted for quite a long time, persuading this is in reality the tramp vessel from route in 1925 which vanished.

The captains logbook was found and confirmed it’s relationship with the Clinchfield Navigation Company, who were the proprietors of the SS Cotopaxi. What happened to the ship and where it has been for as long as 90 years, that remains an enigma.

The logbook to be sure has all the earmarks of being real as indicated by Cuban specialists, Rodolfo Salvador Cruz. It’s brimming with data in regards to the life of the team before the ship had vanished. Sections stop at December 1, 1925.


It was November 29th of 1925 when the SS Cotopaxi took off from Charleston, South Carolina making a beeline for Havana, Cuba. The group comprised of 32 men and was under the charge of Captain W. J. Meyer. The freight contained was 2340 tons of coal. After two days the ship was declared missing. Nobody heard or saw any indications of it for the following 90 years!

General Abelardo Colomé is the Vice President of Council of Ministers. He said that Cuban government are going to lead a full examination, keeping in mind the end goal to make sense of the riddle with respect to the boats vanishing act and it’s sudden return. This is what he needed to say:

“It is essential for us to comprehend what happened. Such episodes could be truly awful for our economy, so need to ensure that this sort of vanishing doesn’t happen once more. The time has come to tackle the secret of the Bermuda Triangle, for the last time.”

This district of the Bermuda Triangle is essentially known as the region between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Various both ships and planes have bafflingly vanished from the region.

Paranormal and powerful wonders have been connected with this range. Indeed, even extraterrestrial creatures have been utilized to attempt to clarify the secret.

Remaining innovation from the legendary lost mainland of Atlantis has likewise been an endeavored clarification.

Obviously researchers won’t perceive the Bermuda Triangle and rather get over the puzzling vanishing goes about as human blunder and natural occurrences.

Yet, it is the greatly puzzling return of the SS Cotopaxi that could compel an adjustment in the reasoning and convictions of mainstream researchers.

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