Grandma Learns The Hard Way Why You Should Never Tap The Glass Of A Shark Tank

While going with her children and their grandchildren to the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C., they all chose to prank her.

But Grandma doesn’t fall so easy. She really was on to them and said “Are you trying to scare me?”

In any case, it’s past the point of no return. She enters the gallery’s shark tank show room and her relatives advise her to touch the glass. Grandmother painstakingly does. She taps the window, and nothing. She then does it once more, and nothing!

So what’s up? Nothing is going on and grandmother is confounded. Perhaps a more intensive investigate the tank will uncover something. Also, much the same as that – WHAM! A colossal Great White shows up! It really does a headbutt against the glass and it causes a spiderweb-close glass shattering circumstance to happen! Grandmother is really on the floor now, in all out trepidation!

While the lady was on the floor, the family is almost passing on from laughter. Turns out, the entire thing was fake! Grandmother understands she’s been set up, and set up great! Listen to how she reacts, and see how awesome she is!

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