Baby elephant approaches man, his next move will have you rolling on the floor

Just like kids, all that baby animals want is to have fun! And if is to get some extra hugs from the ones they met it’s even better. Apparently, this little baby elephant loves to cuddle with everyone’s visiting his sanctuary. So, naturally, when this young man was relaxing on the ground at the elephant orphanage close to Chiang Mai, Thailand, this cute little fella came straight up to him.

She began petting his head with her trunk, sat on the man’s lap, and even laid down to snuggle with him. The best part about the Rantong Elephant Sanctuary is that they really treat the elephants in their care with respect and love. Something that all those majestic animals deserve!

This elephant heaven concentrates on the comfort of these delicate animals, and also the protection of elephants in nature. It’s different when an elephant has grown up used to being dealt with by people, yet they can in any case be extremely dangerous. Rantong has saved a significant number of the elephants from poor conditions and from individuals that haven’t treated them the way they merit, and now they have a new and a better home.

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