Hospital made sisters nervous, so doctor puts on music and starts to dance

When Autumn Moses needed to go to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, to treat her strep throat, her sisters were anxious.

Her doctor saw they are scary and stressed as they walked in the hospital room and chose to take care of the nervous girls.

He put his phone on the hospital bed, he turned on some music and began to dance!

After a few moments, Autumn and her sisters, Winter and Kristlynn, started to dance alongside Dr. Chima Matthew, imitating his moves.

The sisters’ mother taped the entire scene and shared it on social media. People rushed to support this sort of treatment.

Being at a hospital is anything but a happy experience, and the way that this doctor took time from his day to try to make this little sweet girls’ day better and make them smile is so beautiful.

After being posted by Wolfson, the video went viral in a few days. Watch it below to see the joy Dr. Chima brought to his little patients.

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