Amazing 6-Year-Old Kid Gave Up His Christmas Presents To Help The Homeless

This altruistic youngster gave up his Christmas gift to help those less fortunate.

In this viral video, the 6 year-old Alex Hovater, from Bakersfield, California can been seen approaching homeless people in the place where he grew up, giving them packs of nourishment, water and clothes.

What’s more, when Alex found out about the man’s circumstance and how he had little method for staying warm in the winter months, he didn’t hesitate to give up his own particular Christmas presents so he could help and, in his own particular words, “do a decent thing for other people”.

The family made eight consideration bundles and took Alex to gave them to homeless people living in the city.

Alex’s mom posted the video of his great deed online in the trust it would move others to take action accordingly.

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