Over 4 years later, this horse is reunited with an old friend

Do horses remember old friends? Do they have feelings? We’re going to find out:

“On the 14 December 2012 I repurchased Arthur, a steed that I breed yet needed to sell almost five years ago. Amid this period two of Arthur’s companions from “foalhood”, William who had been with Arthur since they were foals and Harry who arrived as a foal a year later have remained with me. We have had a couple of moves, and Harry and William have imparted their lives to numerous different stallions and ponies since spring 2009

Mustons Field the place in Dorset where I used to live and every one of my ponies and horses grew up in has for quite some time been sold, and this get-together occurred far away in East Sussex in a field William and Harry had just lived in for two weeks, while I was studying here, so there was not all that much. Would Arthur now matured eight and a half years, a pure blood sports horse that has spent the last four and a half years in a high class private rivalry yard BE eventing have any memory whatsoever of the two shaggy New Forest horse mates he once imparted his childhood to? What’s more, similarly would William and Harry remember that little pure blood fellow who was once their best friend?”

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