It looks like he’s just taking his dog for a walk, but when you look closely… true friend!

A man named Craig and his four legged friend Loois are enjoying their day by day walk. What you didn’t know is that Loois is paraplegic, in which his legs and lower body are both left forever paralyzed because of an awful incident. Rather than forsaking him, Craig chose to invent a helpful hip pad to help Loois move – which only costs $35 to make.

Okay, the thing is, this person has the coolest puppy, named Loois. Loois is a pit bull who clearly is the light of Craig’s life since he brings such a great amount of daylight into it. In any case, there is something unique that you have to know.

A while back, Loois needed to go through a surgical procedure and amid the operation, things got ugly. The doggie turned into a paraplegic, yet Craig simply isn’t the kind of man who abandons a pet that he loves so much. Along these lines, he chose to get somewhat inventive!

When you hear him out portraying the affection that he has for Loois and the good times they’ve gone through with each other, it’s anything but difficult to tell that he doesn’t have one single regret at all to adopt Loois and keeping him, even after his disastrous mishap.

In actuality, it’s just as Loois furnishes Craig with some great inner strenght. With regards to Loois’ impede, whatever other solution would have cost him over $200, yet this smart man has thought of a gadget that cost a unimportant $35. That is a brilliant idea!

See the video below:

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