25 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Travel to the Philippines

What strikes a chord when you think about the Philippines? Tropical sands, heavenly sustenance, natural wonder, and agreeable local people. Without a doubt, all, however we’re here to explain to you precisely why you SHOULD completely wipe out your arrangements of going to the Philippines and pick another less immense spot.

1. You’ll spend an excessive amount of cash on sunscreen.


2. 7,107 islands of a similar old exhausting stuff. Nothing to see here.


3. You’ll get exhausted to death of the huge amount of shorelines.


4. You’ll be more satisfied watching National Geographic on the off chance that you need to see the marine life here.


5. Hell, who needs to swim with the sharks at any rate? Nobody, that is who!


6. Love climbing mountains? Philippine mountains are nothing extraordinary.


7. Need to look at a few slopes? I’m certain there are ant colony dwelling places that resemble this in your own particular back yard!


8. The Philippines has the world’s littlest primates, yet who cares, isn’t that so?


9.It has an island inside a lake. What’s more, the lake is in a volcano. Also, that volcano is in a lake. Furthermore, that lake is on an island. A lot of a cerebral pain, isn’t that so?


10. Need to see some natural wonders? There’s none to see here!


11. The Philippines is absolutely old school. They didn’t much try to revamp their sixteenth century roads!


12. What’s more, for transportation? Despite everything they still use horses! The boldness!


13. There is definitely no hint of modernization in the Philippines. None at all.


14. Each square inch of the Philippines is loaded with exhaust cloud, junk, and tidy!


15. Each Square Inch, Nature’s practically dead here.


16. With the greater part of the colonization that happened, the Philippines has no similarity of its own way of life!


17. And those holidays! These celebrated road gatherings are simply going to give you a headake with such a large number of individuals with a so many hues!


18. And the food.. it’s loaded down with a lot of sugar…


19. Or made with every one of the things that will stop up your blood circulation.


20. Indeed, even their stews are loaded with such a large number of ingredients, you won’t comprehend what you’re eating!


21. How about we discuss about workmanship. There is no creativity here in the Philippines.


22. Not even a hint of inventiveness with regards to engineering!


23. Music is likewise fundamentally dead, as well. No fascinating native craftsmen at all.


24. You know the one thing that will happen on the off chance that you set foot in the Philippines? Other than the accommodation, the sights, the sustenance, and the way of life?


25. You’ll never, ever want to leave!


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