Here’s How You Open A Can Without Using A Can Opener

Envision going on an outdoors trip, drained and all in the wake of getting to your scene and setting your stuff up.

You then ravenously go after your canned food and after that you all of a sudden make the stunning disclosure that you forgot your can opener at home! You check your pocket for your trusty Swiss blade isn’t there either.

Do you shout to the sky in disappointment?

Evidently, such a traumatic incident shouldn’t mean the apocalypse for you. I’m extending here, obviously, however you get the photo – not having a can opener can be a major bother.

In a YouTube video made by Crazy Russian Hacker, we discover that there is really an approach to open a can without utilizing a can opener by any stretch of the imagination. How could that be even possible, you inquire? Well you gotta look at the video beneath!

For this trick, all you will need is a harsh surface and your bare hands; no blade, no nothing.

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